Genre: Busty loli ninja violation RPG
Ero Genres: Loli sex training & forced womb climaxes
CG: 10 base CG + 73 variations
Playtime: Approx. 1~2 hours


Koharu is attending a prestigious ninja school.
She’s strong-willed, a little feisty, and ultra-competitive with her older sister.

Kuroya is a boy attending the same school.
He’s a contrarian with various complexes, but he’s a master of the bedroom.

The two always end up in each other’s way, and don’t get along at all.
And so fate would have it that the two would be paired up for their once-in-a-lifetime ninja exam.
However, Koharu is determined to show she’s every bit as talented as her sister, no matter what.
However, it seems Kuroya received a powerful item from the village leader before the test,
and its power forces Koharu to submit fully to him.
If she goes afoul of the contract, she’ll have a womb climax.
And so the exam begins…

[Game Contents]

– Battles- Blow away your enemies with ninja skills!
– Clothing Customization – Dungeons have rest spots for changing!?
– Shop – Buy convenient items!
– Status Check – Check what effects the sexual training has left on Koharu.
– Gallery- The rest spots also let you look back on the H!

[Ero Events]

Ero events unfold as the story unfolds.
As the story progresses, the effects of Koharu’s submission contract are strengthened…


– Enjoy a loli ninja heroine getting completely dominated and forced to climax endlessly in defeat
– Tears and sweat
– Ahegaos aplenty
– Special play not involving a penis
– and more!

ID: RJ311916
Language: Japanese
Developer: Tanoshiitake
Release Date: Jan/26/2021
Platform: Windows
Genre: Successive Orgasms, Kunoichi (Ninja Girl), Ahegao/Gapeface, Internal Cumshot, Shame/Humiliation, Squirting/Gushing, Big Breasts


  • Windows
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