The Komatsus have been married for 3 years.
The wife is a beautiful woman, slender, with firm, bouncy breasts.
Ever since her school days she’s been ogled by slimy men.
The husband fell for her earnest personality, and the two found happiness.
But the husband also couldn’t get it out of his mind.
The thought of other men using her wife’s body…
He knows she hates it. Yet his imagination runs wild thinking of how she’d react.
What expression she’d made.
And that’s why they’re going on this hot springs trip: to fulfill his warped fetish.
They meet another man, and it seems he’s waiting for him.
“Now, would you find leaving me alone with your wife?”
Alone with his wife…the thought already got him hard.
And, just as arranged, he heads to the peeping space… 


  • ID: RJ326547
  • Other Title: 離れ木の5日間
  • Censorship: Censored
  • Language: Japanese
  • Developer: SORAUE
  • Release Date: 20/06/2021
  • Platform: Windows
  • Việt hóa bởi: Juston
  • Other game : House Chores





– Việt Hoá –

Size: 500
Windows: Zippy | Tera1 | Tera2
Size: 500 

Android: Drive| Tera1 | Tera2 

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Dịch giả : Juston

Android port : Moog

– English-

Size: 500 MB
Windows: Mega

Android: Use Joiplay

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